Suputnik Web Tricks

In this series, we bring you a list of useful snippets that can come handy when you are doing a web design project. They are not organized in any specific order, but they can nevertheless serve you as a good memory refresher or a set of codes that can quicken your programming.

Adding highlights on the clicked elements

Making an element invisible by adding a class:

Adding an Interval

There are many ways to address the document elements by using JS. Before, it was common to address elements via commands such as document.getElementByID(“idName”); This and other similar commands can often be too cumbersome or too specific. Nowadays, we more often use two target methods that can catch any form…

The easiest way to organize your site properly is by creating a web-grid using the combination of the HTML code and CSS. We will now create a site that looks like this:

As we can see, the site is divided in 4 columns and 4 rows. The sidebar comprises all…

Suputnik Web Tricks

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